Diary of a Wimpy Kid series:

Reading the wimpy kid series is one jolly ride. very hilarious and reminds one of his/her school days. i really cant remember what I read, but through out the reading i was laughing, giggling, smiling .. aah !! what a read !! I loved every character in the book .. I cant appreciate Jeff Kinney enough, he is spot on portraying every character. I would suggest everybody should read this series once, its a laughing therapy !! laughing marathon !!
if you ask me which is my most favorite character in the book “Its Manny” and the most hated one “Manny” 🙂  To know who is Manny and why I hate and love the character at the same time read the book 😉

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The Sensualist:

the book is quite different from regular Ruskin Bond’s books. whats the difference?? its an adult book , I mean book written for adults 
I was surprised to know Ruskin Bind has writen a sensuous novella and wanted to see how he has written it. The very curiosity made me buy the book and read and guess what!! the book was OK. But had to think a lot to understand what writer is trying to convey through the story. The book gives the view of two individuals wrt materialistic desires/conquest. Its a good read and gives some food for thought.

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Santa-Banta philosophy

Santa asked Banta: Which came first, egg or chicken
Banta said: whichever we ordered first 

We all know this joke, we have laughed at it. But have you ever wondered how profound was the answer??
We all asks lots of questions, try to find the answers. We try reading between the lines and we brood over something which is very unnecessary.
Banta’s answer shows us we should stop thinking too much and start living in the moment and enjoy the life as it comes 
Do you all agree with me?? 

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The Unanswered Questions !!

Siddarth called me in the morning. He wants me to meet someone. He invited me to the dinner today. As I am getting ready, I see in the mirror. Not bad for a woman in early fifties. The wrinkles around the eye are not much. The face still has glow. I look matured, confident, my smile radiant. I can easily pass of for a 40yr old, yet something was missing. The inner peace!! Trying my best to be calm and composed from the day Mayank left me. Even today I wonder what made him to go away from me.

Those days when we were in college, he could never leave me for a moment. Our passion for movies, books, music and politics had brought us even closer. I was mad about him and so was he for me. Early days of marriage were bliss. Then we had Sid, the never ending happiness. If our lives were to end at that time, I could have said, “We lived happily ever after”. But things changed.

One day when Mayank asked me “what would you do if I leave you??”, I thought he was joking and I said, “ I will kill you” and laughed at the very thought as if it is a joke, but there was a tremor in my heart. The day when he told me we can no more be together, I felt sky falling on me and my world went blank. I cried, begged him to give ourselves another chance. Asked him what was wrong, he said he had no answer. ‘Was it another woman’, he said none. And I knew there was nobody. But what made him to come to this decision, I wasn’t sure. Things didn’t work out even after few months I tried to hold on to him. Even the presence of Sid couldn’t help to hold our marriage. Finally Mayank moved out of the house. 

We stayed in touch for Sid. I could hardly understand what that kid was going through as I myself was devastated. I hardly meet Mayank in past few years. Today when I look back, it almost took me 15+yrs to look into my eyes and say “Yes, I finally moved on”.

I was happy for Sid, he has found someone special. I wish from the bottom of my heart that my son should live happily ever after. 
Cab is waiting for me outside. It’s time for me to leave for dinner. I don’t want to keep Sid waiting on this special day. 

I entered the posh restaurant. It was full but not crowded, great ambience. I have always appreciated Sid’s choices. As I walked towards the table, I could see Sid sitting with a girl and Mayank, absorbed in a conversation. The sight of Mayank caused butterflies in my stomach. It was almost years I had met him. It was a strange feeling. Also, I had never seen him this happy since we parted our ways. After all he is a father and I could see him happy for his son. 

I went to the table, Sid happily hugged me and I could sense, Mayank was not at all expecting me to be there. His expressions made it clear. I hugged Mayank as a ritual. I looked at the girl. As I said, I have always appreciated Sid’s selection. She is beautiful, radiant. She looked great in that black dress. With diamond studs on her ears, a single diamond necklace she looked very elegant. I was impressed and she reminded me of myself when I was of her age. I couldn’t wait to strike a conversation with her.
“You are ..?” 
“Nice name. So where did you both meet”. I looked from her to Sid.

There was an awkward silence. Nobody talked. Everybody was looking at each other’s face. I sensed something was not right. And I didn’t want to guess anything. I couldn’t. After a second or two, Sid hesitatingly said, “Mom, that’s dad’s fiancée”
I was shocked beyond any words. It was too much for me to digest. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was hardly of my son’s age and now marrying my husband, I mean my ex-husband, the one who abandoned me for no reason. I was sad, horrified, angry and jealous, all at the same time. Should I congratulate them or should I kill this bastard right here!! I will never forgive Sid for putting me in this situation. How can Sid accept this? How he can be happy for the man who ruined us for his happiness? I want to hold Mayank by his collar and ask him, is this a cruel joke he is playing with me. Mayank was silent. He was not even looking at me. I looked at him and wished my stare should burn him alive.

Nobody spoke. Everybody acted as if they are eating. Just couple of hours ago I was proud of myself being calm and composed and now it’s a far cry. I am nearly hysterical. I couldn’t control myself and I asked her.

“What if he leaves you as he left me for no reason??”
“What if he leaves me or you want him to leave me as he left you?”
I was taken aback and was flushed by her sarcasm. I didn’t answer.
She said, “I am joking, I will just move on”
She was not cynical when she said that. She continued.
“When one loves somebody, one should also be ready to leave them, if that’s what makes them happy. I love him and if he wants to leave me I would leave him. That doesn’t mean I stop loving him. I will always love him and he will be part of me and my life. All I want is his happiness. If I truly love him, I should make sure he is happy.”

Her words were matured and she meant every word as she spoke. I didn’t know what to respond. I was surprised, if that maturity was because of the generation or of wisdom. I could never think like that. The very idea of going away from someone you loved was alien to me. I didn’t ask anything after that and there was no need.

I don’t know what happened later and how I came back home. As I lay on the bed, with all obvious questions bugging me but one particular question was killing me. 
“What is true love and maturity – is it holding on to a relation even when it doesn’t work or moving on from that relation!!”

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The Pregnant King !!

A fiction based on one of the subplots in Mahabharata, written by Devadutt Pattnaik. I read the book and I was in awe. This is one book I can say is not just the work of imagination but of a “WILD IMAGINATION” and “REVOLUTIONARY”!!
This is a concoction of feelings, sexuality, gender, love, power, wisdom and dharma and its nature.
When I first heard the name of this book and went through the reviews it was quite interesting. I couldn’t resist myself but buy this book and read.
What it is to have man’s body and woman’s heart? Which is sweeter, to be called as a mother or a father? What were Arjuna’s feelings when he was a eunuch for a year? What it is to lose masculinity? What it is to be like Shikhandi? Who is superior, men or women? And what dharma has to say about all these?
Intriguing isn’t it ??
A beautifully crafted novel, incredible!!
Everything is fine but it made me think that, who in today’s world care for all these things he has written?? Who bloody cares about what is dharma and ready to walk on the path of dharma. Who has time to think what others feel?? Who is striving for wisdom?
I would suggest reading the book only if interested in above topics or if you are looking for a wild fiction!!

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“what’s on your mind??

Each time I login to FB, same question appears.. “what’s on your mind??”
Then I think.. whats on my mind .. Sometimes the answer is nothing and sometimes there are so many things which I don’t know how to express. And sometime I am really scared to write what’s on my mind!!
“WHY ??” Even answering this question scares me. Puts me through a hell lot of torture and trauma, as I am not able to accept and answer the answer to that question WHY??
But still let me tell you, the answer is “we are no more living in a democratic country and we no more have the freedom of speech or freedom of expression, which is the basic right our constitution had once given to us.
The next thing that comes to my mind is another question, which is even more scarier than the previous one. That is “WHERE ARE WE HEADING WITH THIS??”
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The Shadow Lines by amitav Gosh !

I am little apprehensive about Indian authors in English literature with few exceptions. May be I haven’t come across more exotic work done by our authors yet with my limited reading. When I was browsing on the net for award winning books, I found “The Shadow Lines” by Amitav Gosh. I read some of the reviews about the book and found very interesting. Bought the book same day and started to read.
One of the best books I have read. Never felt like keeping the book aside for even a minute. Even if I kept it aside for some time or couple of days, the story and some of the situations discussed in the book never let me stop thinking and contemplating.
The way writer has written the story going back and forth in time connecting dots and knitting beautiful story making sure none of the threads are left hanging is beautiful and I never felt I missed or mixed up the story. The protagonist was never part of the actual story the author telling, but instead he tells us what he recollected from his memories which others shared with him, at the same time giving his views on the same.
Though I am tempted to share some of the quotes and situations here, I am restraining myself to do so, as I really want people to read and enjoy those by themselves. Every Indian should read the story as some of the events discussed in the book affected and affecting each one of us directly or indirectly. Also the author shares an interesting view about distances and the borders between places.
When the book ends by putting missing pieces together and completing the story, I really felt hollow with drained emotions and heavy by contemplating the ending at the same time. The book is extraordinary in terms of language, presentation, narration. I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5
Bow to thee Amitav Gosh for this amazing work. I am definitely going to read his other works.

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